Dress Code

Dress Code
Meadowcreek High School’s dress code is designed to maintain an academic focus in the classroom. Before coming to school, students and parents should ensure the student’s clothing meets the following dress code guidelines. If in the judgment of the administration or staff, a student’s attire is likely to cause a distraction or disruption, the student will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Inappropriate Dress

Girls – Spaghetti straps (at least 2in) Guys – Pants below the waist
Sleeveless/one sleeve blouse Tank Tops/muscle shirts
Halter Tops Headgear/Caps
Extremely short shorts Headbands/bandanas/scarves
Tops that reveal midriff or lower back Pajama and house shoes
Headgear/headbands, scarves, bandanas Violence or drug images
See through blouses or low cut
Pajamas and house shoes

Consequences For Clothing
1st offense=Referral with a warning consequence (student must be able to change clothes to fit within the dress code. If the attire cannot meet compliance then the student will report to ISS).
2nd offense=Referral with a consequence of ISS.
3rd offense=Referral with a consequence of OSS.

Consequences For Headgear
All headgear will be confiscated, processed with a referral and then returned after 24 hours.

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