School of International Business


The School of International Business includes pathways in Marketing, Small Business Development, Financial Management, and JROTC. Students in the School of International Business will have the opportunity to become global leaders by preparing in high school now and pursuing post-secondary education in colleges and universities throughout Georgia. The School of International Business offers studies in careers that will help students understand the world in a global context and learn relevant skills needed to succeed in an entrepreneurial setting. Student success will involve the collaborative efforts of core content teachers with Career Technology teachers to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and student experiences to be successful in any business-related field and the military.

To complete a pathway in the School of International Business students must take three elective courses beyond the core requirements specified for graduation. The courses must be in one of the following identified majors.


The School of International Business offers serveral exciting majors from which students may choose. The majors offered in this school will include:

  • Financial Management: Advanced Accounting

  • Financial Management: Banking

  • Small  Business Development

  • Marketing and Management

  • Marketing & Communication

  • Air Force JROTC


Students will have opportunities to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills through activities with the US Air Force, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).

October Student of the Month

Luis Marte, Class of 2017

Previous School *

Radloff MS

Hometown *


What is your student’s favorite memory or experience of your MU School *

Ms. Woodley’s Marketing Principles Class – He had a create a rap song about business. With help from his peers, he put on a highly entertaining show and that’s what influenced him even more to perform better in class. He also enjoyed participating in an interview reqarding equality for women in mechanics. He was able to research and offer suggestions that would be good business practice for a mechanic shop.

Favorite Class(es) *

Marketing Principles

In-school Activities *

DECA, helped with Sales for MU School Store in October (sold 40 bracelets in less than 1 hour)

Favorite Book(s) *

Cirque Du Freak encouraged him to read more

Siblings *

two brothers and one sister

Best meal from our Student Center *


Favorite memory from Meadowcreek HS *

Fox News showed up to capture homecoming festivities and Game of the Week.

Favorite Teacher and Why? *

Mr. Richmond because he was a good mentor for him starting at Freshman year

Best time of the year at Meadowcreek? *

1st Day of school because everyone looks their best and it represents new beginnings. The underclassmen are a previous version of yourself.

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