School of Communication & Arts


The School of Communication & Arts is the school for creative thinkers and students who love to express themselves. This school includes pathways in Graphic Arts, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, and Video Broadcast Journalism. Students in the School of Communication & Arts can pursue careers in film, video editing, theater, music, art, video journalism, communications, or pursue post-secondary education at colleges and technical schools throughout Georgia.

To complete a pathway in the School of Communication & Arts students must take three elective courses beyond the core requirements specified for graduation. The courses must be in one of the following identified majors.


Creativity and passion are the driving force behind the School of Communication & Arts. Students can choose from the following majors:

  • Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design & Production

  • Video Broadcast Journalism

  • Computer Applications in Art

  • Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Theatre and Dance)


The opportunities for students in this school are endless. Students will be able to enhance their talents in the performing arts through school theatrical productions and musical performance, host local school television broadcasts, and display their artwork within the school. Students will also have opportunities to compete in various district and state competitive events through SkillsUSA, a national student CTAE organization.

October Student of the Month 

Jamia Roberts, Class of 2019

Previous School *

Lilburn Middle School

Hometown *

Bronx, NY

What is your student’s favorite memory or experience of your MU School * 

My favorite memory is the end of year dance performance.

Favorite Class(es) *

Dance and Language Arts

In-school Activities *

Student Council, HOPE, Key Club, Beta Club, Readers Rally, ASCEND

Favorite Book(s) *

Hunger Games series

Siblings *

5 siblings

Best meal from our Student Center *


Favorite memory from Meadowcreek HS *

Meeting new friends (Gabby) and participating in challenges

Favorite Teacher and Why? *

Dr. Keilwitz because she is fun and funny and pushes me to do my best. She is always there for me and knows how to make me laugh.

Best time of the year at Meadowcreek? *

Christmas/Holiday season

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