School Nutrition Trivia

Each month our cafeteria staff awards one student two Regal Cinema movie tickets for their correct answers to the monthly trivia questions. Show your Mustang pride for each month by submitting your answers to our Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Stella Drake!!

JANUARY 2017 – National Baking Month (Click Here)

Which of the following is a healthy replacement for oil (fat) in a brownie recipe?

A. Butter B. Margarine C. Applesauce D Add an extra egg

MAY 2016

Rank the following from the least to most popular sports in the world.

A. Cricket B. Soccer C. Hockey D Basketball.

APRIL 2016

Submit your best picture of a healthy and variety diet by watermarking your top photo! See our cafeteria staff for an example if needed.  Any picture that demonstrates a variety in diet, has many colors of food or has all 5 food groups will be eligible to win. Good luck and remember to eat healthy!!


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