Creek Squad

Welcome to Creek Squad; Meadowcreek’s very own “Geek Squad!”

Mission Statement:

We believe in our customer’s vision and need

we our work with quality, passsion, and our, love towards technology!


This year, we are sponsered by Pharaoh’s Conclave! Pharaoh’s Conclave is a Esports company who strives to allow normal gamers to enter the Esports scene! They allow entry points in the Esports scene for amateurs, while also providing tips, trends, and instruction. They focus in all areas of the Esports scene,not only MOBA’s, FPS’s, etc.  For more information, access the following link on Pharaoh’s Conclave!

We are working with Pharaoh’s Conclave as they are providing the equipment for the gaming event in the spring!



Video Game Event: May 6th, 2017



Due to the help with the school of S.T.E.M, We were able to give our 3 Winners the 2016-2017 Meadowcreek Game Master awards.



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Phone #: 770-381-9680
You can also send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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