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Gateway 2017-2018:

Areas Of Focus:

Gateway Topics

Gateway Topics 2017 - 2018

Genetics and Biological Traits
Conflict and Significance of the Crusades
Interdependence of Organisms and the
Impact of Mongol Empire
Photosynthesis and Cellular RespirationJulius Caesar
Napoleon’s Impact in French History
*Two of these topics will occur twice during the Science 2017-18 Gateway
Testing Cycle.*
Protestant Reformation

Gateway Alternate Information:

The Gateway Alternate program is a combanation of classes and the test administration. The intervention classes provide aligned content remediation and daily written practice on a sample Gateway prompt. At the conclussion of the classes, students particpate in the Gateway Assessment. The class ratio is approximately 7 students to 1 teacher.

Science: Sep. 18 – 22, 2017

Social Studies: Oct. 02 – 06, 2017

Science: Feb. 12 – 16, 2018

Social Studies:Feb. 26 – Mar. 02, 2018

Summer Alternate:  TBD

Gateway Re-Test Information:

Science: Sep. 26, 2017

Social Studies: Sep.27, 2017

Science: Jan.10, 2018

Social Studies: Jan.11, 2018

Main Gateway Information:

The Gateway is a writing assessment that measures a student’s knowledge and skills related to the Areas of Focus within World History, Biology, Chemistry, and Language Arts.

Science: Mar.26, 2018

Social Studies: Mar.27, 2018

Science Makeup: Mar.28, 2018

Social Studies Makeup: Mar.29, 2018

Access for ELLs Dates:

9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th: Jan.16, 2018  – Mar.02, 2018


Assessment Team Contacts

Kevin Gray, Assessment AdministratorOffice #5.202, Email

Ms. Zonya Barfield, Assessment Lead Teacher
Office #5.233, Email

Susan White, Assessment Clerk
Office #5.203, Email

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