Modern & Classical Languages

Various models of foreign language programs exist in Gwinnett schools. At the elementary level, schools that offer foreign language provide an exploratory model in order to raise students’ awareness of other languages and cultures. At the middle school level, most schools offer introductory nine week courses in the Connections block, and more than half offer sequential one or two year programs that meet Level One Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for the target language studied. These middle school sequential programs prepare students to enter Level II study in high school. Meadowcreek High School offers programs of study in the following languages: Spanish, French, & German.

The Goals of the Modern & Classical Languages Department

• Address individual student needs and afford all students the opportunity to learn how to communicate in another language.
• Provide students the opportunity to achieve a high level of proficiency by offering a variety of languages in an articulated sequence beginning in elementary and/or middle school.
• Incorporate a variety of technologies to enhance communication and allow for direct connection to the target language and culture.

Develop an understanding of the diverse perspectives, practices, and products of cultures in an international community.

Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and provide access to resources unique to the target language and culture.

Expand students’ knowledge of their own language and culture through the study of another.

Expose students to academic and career opportunities in global society and to promote lifelong learning.

Modern & Classical Languages Administrator, Tina Smosny

Modern & Classical Languages Chair, Jami Poplar

  • Spanish II Honors
  • Spanish III
  • Spanish III Honors

Maria Cicatello

  • Spanish for Native Speakers I
  • AP Spanish
  • AP Spanish Literature and Culture

Pamela Falls Eyraud

  • French I

Luis Guzman

  • Spanish

Selma Hujdur

  • German I
  • German II
  • German II Honors
  • German III Honors
  • German IV

Michelle John

  • Spanish

Melissa Martin

  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II

Joyce Naumis

  • Spanish for Native Speakers I

Joel Sisson

  • French II
  • French II Honors
  • French III Honors
  • French IV

Nathalie Skinner

  • Spanish for Native Speakers I

Jeimy Soto-Leon

  • Spanish for Native Speakers I
  • Spanish for Native Speakers II

Jennifer Switzer

  • Spanish I

Kameika Thomas

  • Spanish

Anne Wombel

  • French I
  • French II
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