Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at Meadowcreek High School is comprised of award winning students and faculty in music, dance, theatre and the visual arts. A commitment to academic excellence and a belief that through the arts, students find lifelong fulfillment is at the core of our teaching philosophy. Students are provided opportunities in instrumental and vocal music, dance, acting, technical theatre and visual arts. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for post-secondary endeavors and arts related careers.
This school has its own Fine Arts Department. Each program in the department has its own way of interacting with the students in a fun and creative way. There are classes for those interested in theatre and the way stagehands set the stage and prepare for the next scene. Then there are classes that introduce people to alternative ways to express themselves. For theatre, there are classes that help those interested in performance learn the basics of what they need to progress like Intro Theatre, Acting, Stage crafting, and Advanced Theatre.

Mission and Vision

The Fine Arts Department at Meadowcreek High School believes a student’s education is enriched by experiences in the arts; because of their interdisciplinary nature, the arts influence all areas of academic study. We believe an environment that acknowledges and empowers creative expression in its varied forms also fosters personal growth, maturity and responsibility. The courses in the Fine Arts Department teach flexibility, adaptation, and higher order thinking skills which foster problem solving which is necessary for success in 21st century society.  Our goal is to enable students to become well-rounded adults with a variety of skills that can apply beyond the classroom.
We believe the arts provide an opportunity for lifelong learning and participants in the arts are among the best representatives of our school and community.

Fine Arts Administrator, Adrienne Wylie

Fine Arts Chair, Dr. Nancy Schechter

  • Beginning Guitar
  • Intermediate Guitar
  • Intermediate Orchestra
  • Advanced Orchestra

Marcus Budner

  • Beginning Guitar
  • Beginning Music Technology
  • Intermediate Music Technology
  • Advanced Music Technology

Barbara Fudge

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Advanced Graphic Design

Julie Hudson

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Graphic Design

William Jones

  • Beginning Mixed Choral Ensemble
  • Intermediate Mixed Choral Ensemble
  • Advanced Mixed Choral Ensemble

Heather Keilwitz

  • Modern Dance I
  • Modern Dance II
  • Modern Dance III

Andrew Parsons

  • Beginning Piano
  • Intermediate Piano
  • Intermediate Band
  • Advanced Band

Jessica Sisson

  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Acting III
  • Theatre Fundamentals
  • Technical Theatre I

Fine Arts Recordings

To listen to a recording, click on any of the above links to get started. A new window will open, and the browser will attempt to play the music. However, it may not work. THIS IS OKAY. After it displays a warning message, near the bottom of the page click on Music Player for Google Drive or TwistedWave Online. Afterwards, you must log in to a Google account before you can access the recording. Then allow the program permission to use your account.

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