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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!
In 1988, President Ronald Reagan changed Hispanic Heritage Week to Hispanic Heritage Month! Click to see Mr. Cassillas's Presentation on Hispanic Heritage Month
Cost: $25 (sitting fee) Cady Studios will be at our school on Saturday, October 3rd from 12pm to 6pm! Have your pictures taken by October 28th, or you will not be in the yearbook. Sign up for an appointment by clicking on the button below. No appointment? No photo in the yearbook.
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We are

– Our Mission –
The mission of Meadowcreek High School, in partnership with the community, is to ensure high student achievement, facilitate character development and provide opportunities for leadership development through parental involvement, effective teaching and student mastery of the AKS.

– Our Vision –
All students will emerge from Meadowcreek High School with an inherent sense of self-worth, an appreciation of diverse viewpoints, and the motivation to become lifelong learners pursuing lives as productive members of a global society.



Meadowcreek works jointly as a faculty with students, parents and the community to create a new knowledge base by joining multiple perspectives to ensure high student achievement, character development and leadership opportunities.


Meadowcreek inspires our students to love, appreciate and respect lifelong learning . Our Meadowcreek family of students and faculty continuously motivate each other to develop the supreme potential and self-worth that is within.


Meadowcreek takes pride in our traditions, faculty, students, and community. We own our achievements and our commitment to continuous improvement as we strive to be a performance culture of excellence.


We invite you to join the Mighty and Proud Mustangs as we take a glimpse into the future of Meadowcreek High School and continue to Collaborate, Inspire and Own to achieve our students’ dreams. As we look ahead to the future, what we will see is Meadowcreek U.

Tour the Schools of Meadowcreek U

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School of Communication & Arts

The School of Communication & Arts is the school for creative thinkers and students who love to express themselves.

School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology is the school for students who possess an interest in computers, from programming to the effective use of applications.

School of Health & Hospitality

The School of Health & Hospitality is the school for students who excel in science and have excellent customer service skills.

School of International Business

The School of International Business includes pathways in Marketing, Small Business Development, Financial Management, and JROTC.

School of Science, Technology & Engineering

The School of Science, Technology & Engineering maintains a strong science and mathematics foundation, as well as an understanding of computer programming.

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Your school, on the go

The Meadowcreek App is an interactive and informative app that allows Meadowcreek students to become more engaged in school through the use of their electronic devices. Packaging easy-to-use tools into a single application, the Meadowcreek App gives students the tools and information they want at their fingertips.

What are students saying

  • “Meadowcreek U's Information Technology academy allowed me to truly maximize my potential and choose the career path for me by introducing me to life-changing opportunities”

    Plaboni Sharif
    Plaboni SharifSenior
  • "Meadowcreek High School is a diverse institution, which provides equal opportunities to all its students. The initiation of Meadowcreek U has led me to success by allowing me to unlock my potential and go beyond."

    Avneet Sethi
    Avneet SethiSenior

A MESSAGE FROM Dr. Tommy T. Welch, Principal

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